Wednesday, January 12, 2011

studio notes

- I vowed to never eat at Taco Bell ever again.
- listened to our preproduction tracks with Frank (below)

- went to a friend’s birthday party and raided the open bar.
- despite a late start (late night) we tracked live instruments for two songs on our first official day.
- went out again to a dance party in a practice space. Got down to !!!’s “Pardon my Freedom.”
- got up late again and headed over to the studio where we tracked three more righteous tunes.
- got to Eli’s and laid down a punk song. Took off our shirts to get in the mood. Room smelled bad.
- followed the punk song with a slow heavy song. Put our shirts back on. Room started to smell better.
- followed that with another brand new song. It came out a lot better than any of us expected.
- played a crazy game of “would you rather.” Pete is really good at coming up with ridiculous questions.
- punished ourselves and stayed in. Watched 3 episodes of The Wire season 3.
- woke up early and got three tattoos from my good friend Paul. Christmas money!
- got to the studio early. Graham was playing the cello.
- much to our delight we churned out two more hits before heading to Albany for a New Year’s Eve show.
- crammed into our best friend Tim’s Jeep. Every time we hit a bump we feared for our lives.
- arrived in Albany and immediately loaded into Valentines.
- played a killer show. Called Tara and kissed her thru the phone Soulja Boy style.
- Pete and I wished random people a happy new year.
- went to a party with our friends from Aficionado, Emmett, Emma, Paul, the aforementioned Tim, Eric and Katie
- had an epic snowball fight in the street that ended with a knife being pulled on me (no joke).
- ate some teeth.
- studied hard for the midterms.
- got up and headed back to Syracuse to make a to do list for our record. Pete donned a fake stash.
- got to bed nice and early.
- played another game of “would you rather.”
- started Howard Zinn’s War and Terrorism as well as Arthur C Clark’s Rendezvous with Rama. Hope I finish both.
- Pete and Graham finished up with some overdubs.
- went out to eat and watched “Most Shocking High Speed Chases.”
- bid farewell to Wheatstraw and Clarence.
- did some vocals and then headed down to a bar to meet some friends.
- got to see my friend Goose.
- bar refused to play my jukebox selection “I Can’t Wait” by ODB.
- vocals vocals vocals.
- sleep
- had always gotten a noir vibe from Jade. Realized that she also loves Gene Tierney.
- Jeremy brought us Sierra Nevada because he felt bad about the quality of beer that we had been drinking for the past week and a half.
- went to the corner store by Justin and Steve’s house. Got grabbed by Grabby. Hugged it out then walked to Eli’s.
- built a fire in the living room.
- listened to some mixes.
- said goodbye.
- to be continued.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

song of the week late edition: leonard cohen's avalanche

So we are in Syracuse recording "Teamwork." I'll do a studio journal thing once I get home. in the meantime enjoy some Leonard. if i had to make a top ten songz list i would certainly add this bad boy. it scares the hell out of me. anyone seen mcCabe and Mrs Miller? that soundtrack is great!