Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"teamwork" is near!

Hey guys I just wanted to let you know that we are approaching the final stages of mixing and mastering. This means that we will have music for you within the next four days probably. As you may know we are going to have a weekend of Upstate release shows (25th Binghamton, 26th Syracuse, and 27th Ithaca) before we head down to Austin to play South by Southwest. I'm hoping to keep a tour journal during that time so keep an eye out for that.

We will be working on a music video once we return home. Honestly we are trying to decide which song to do. We will be working with our friend Ashley Connor, she did the video for Broken Bones. We are trying to come up with a concept, preferably funny and insane. Check out what we did last time we worked with her:

Summer People - "Broken Bones" from Ashley Connor on Vimeo.

Our friends over at Life on an Island are going to be releasing this record on cassette. The cover was designed by my best bud Alex Gentile. He put two of my favorite films on the cover (Hawks' Rio Bravo and Ozu's Late Spring). I'm stoked about that.

We are planning on getting home and immediately going on tour again. The plan is to return and almost immediately tour up North. If you guys know any cool houses or promoters send em our way.

On this tour we will be joined by Jesse Lafian. He will be playing the drums for us and we are really lucky to have him. He plays drums in two of my favorite bands; Crime Pays and Rival Tribes. Check those bands out on bandcamp. Steve is going to be a scientist while we are gone. We are going to miss him.

Hope to see you soon.