Thursday, April 25, 2013

quick updates.....

Things have been very good lately. We just released our new record BURN THE GERMS. You can purchase it here:

or here:

or at any of these shows:

May 3rd BJ’s Fredonia Batista, Cattle Drums, and Goldmines
May 4th The Vault Buffalo w/ Goldmines, Johns
June 21st Toledo Ottawa Tavern w/ Goldmines
June 22nd Now That’s Class Cleveland w/ Goldmines and Megachurch
July 12th The Bug Jar Rochester bands TBA
July 13th The Chapter House Ithaca bands TBA

(NOTE: we will have many more shows this summer. we will announce them when confirmed)

We are also happy to announce that we are awaiting two music videos. One is being filmed this weekend. It's for the song CRY. It'll be directed by the breathtaking Ashley Connor. The other video will be for I DO WHAT I WANT and will be directed by the luminous Heather Craig. Obviously we will be getting those to you as soon as we get em.

Good talk.

Monday, March 25, 2013

makin moves

Hey everyone,

Let’s have a quick chat. Brooklyn Vegan debuted our first “single.” I hate that word, it’s just a song, but technically it’s a single because it’s been released and whatnot so what the hell. Check it out here:

The album was recorded and mixed by the mighty Hunter Davidson. For those of you living in the city or around Upstate, we highly recommend you looking into his studio. He's a fair dude and he's going to put much time and passion into your record. Wait until you hear ours, Porches, Bethlehem Steels, and Sirs.

The artwork for our album comes via Jackson S. Wingate. His work is incredible. Check it out here:

We also have a bunch of shows on the way. We are planning on having a busy summer, pushing this record the proper way. The dates are down below. Tomorrow will be posting I DO WHAT I WANT so be sure to check it out. Much more to come!

April 5th Union Pool Brooklyn w/Porches and Family Curse
April 20th The Beagle Binghamton w/Batista, 100% Black, Crimson Brethren
May 3rd BJ’s Fredonia Batista, Cattle Drums, and Goldmines
May 4th The Vault Buffalo w/ Goldmines, Johns
June 20th Toledo Ottawa Tavern w/ Goldmines
June 21st Detroit (venue TBA) w/Goldmines
June 22nd Now That’s Class Cleveland w/ Goldmines and Megachurch
July 12th The Bug Jar Rochester bands TBA
July 13th The Chapter House Ithaca bands TBA

New song will be up next week..........

Thursday, February 14, 2013

solid news

Yo Yo Y0!

So Hunter Davidson (producer extraordinaire, CEO of Underground River Corp.) has returned from New Paltz (the town I got arrested on tour in for publically going pee pee) putting the finishing touches on our new full length album BURN THE GERMS. Our friend Adam is currently mastering it over at the wonderful Cauliflower Audio Mastering. We should have a new tune as well as the album artwork (thanks to Jackson Whatever and Travista Martin) up next week (we’ll letcha know). The album is set to drop digitally on April 23rd. We are also proud to announce that we have joined the Solid PR family (Oxbow, Coalesce, Harvey Milk, Bouncing Souls, Planes Mistaken For Stars)! Thus far it’s been all good vibes from Derek and company, a family atmosphere for sure.

Upcoming shows = March 1st at Valentines in Albany w/ The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Barons in the Attic, and Oberhofer.

Time to have a baby!

Good talk.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

school daze

We’ve been shacked up writing songs for an upcoming full length thus our lack of activity lately. We played a show in Westchester a week or so ago but otherwise blah. I’m sure every band in the world says that they are “really excited about the new songs” and “they are the best thing we’ve ever written” so add us to the status quo because we are solipsismal in that way. You have to be after all. Why make music if you don’t think it’s worth listening to? One criticism that we’ve heard via some reviews, and via that random dude who thinks we are interested in his opinion, is that we are musical hoarders not willing to leave behind a single influence. Guilty as charged. At the same time we understand the value in disciplining ourselves and so I think most will find this thing refreshingly cohesive. To be frank, we’ve stripped Summer People of some of the bells and whistles and opted for something raw. ANYWAY………..

The drought will soon be over ladies and gents. We have a nice busy fall in store so let’s take a look at what lies ahead:

SHOWS= November 1st thru 3rd with Goldmines in Fredonia (BJs), Buffalo (TBA), and Rochester (The Bug Jar duh!). NOveMbeR 16th in Ithaca with 100% Black (some rad Film Festival*). November 17th in Binghamton with Cattle Drums, Underground River, and 100% Black. That show will be at Atomic Toms. December 5-8th will be a mini tour with Porches ending at Bubba’s mighty BIG DAY IN with some pretty spectacular bands TBA.

On the December tour we will be selling/giving away our latest split album with Porches. Two songs each for real cheap. Consider it an incentive to be stoked for our full length.

We will be filming a music video (that’s what the kids call em these days) at the end of September. The concept is hilarious therefore the video should make us look like complete Neanderthals. The amazing Heather Craig will be shooting it.

That should suffice for now right?

Great Talk.


Friday, August 17, 2012

weekly update: boring edition

I’m still recovering from last weekend. The Bug Jar is almost always deceptively tranquil right up until the first band plays. I almost always wonder “is this one going to tank?” right before I realize that the mighty Tim Avery never fails us. Thanks to him and thanks also to Bubba “the birthday boy” for letting us kick it with him at The Haunt. It was nice n full for a Sunday night. If you are living near the Philadelphia area or actually from Westchester should come out and have a good time.

Also, we are looking to do some killer shows with Goldmines and Porches in the fall. If you want to see that bill in your hometown shoot me a message here:

That’s all for now. Go follow us on Twitter. New record on the way.

Good talk.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


The show in Brooklyn last weekend was fantastic. Big thanks to the kind dudes at Suburbia for hooking that up. Have you seen this place? It’s among the nicer (meaning fancier and cleaner) DIY spaces in the Northeast. Porches killed it per usual as did Mouth to Mouth to Mouth and Living Room. Next up we have The Bug Jar with Joywave and then The Haunt with Bulletproof Tiger, Mouth to Mouth to Mouth (Bubba’s birthday!) and some others. We’ll do a special post about that next week. For now we want to direct your attention to our new Twitter page. I’m not going to lie, I cringed writing that fucking sentence but what can you do? Social networking sites are a good way to reach out and let people know what’s happening. Who cares if they are destroying the world right? Our own Peter Ives (aka the backwoods intellectual) will be in charge of that. Freebase!

Go become our followers (drink our kool aid):

Monday, July 23, 2012

Give it Up

Hey there,

We will be regularly updating this blog from now on...... I promise. We realize that we must seem like recluses lately but rest assured we haven't been idle. We've been writing a new album and the time has come to unveil a new demo track! It was recorded by our good friend/producer extraordinaire Hunter Davidsohn. The session moved along nice and fast without much time for nitpicking or paranoia. Check it out below, hopefully you'll be as stoked as we are:

Give it Up by summerppl

We are Brooklyn this weekend with our friends in Mouth to Mouth to Mouth, Living Room, and the mighty Porches. It'll be at Suburbia (330 Melrose St. Brooklyn NY) for more info go here:

Check back for weekly updates.

Good talk.