Tuesday, August 28, 2012

school daze

We’ve been shacked up writing songs for an upcoming full length thus our lack of activity lately. We played a show in Westchester a week or so ago but otherwise blah. I’m sure every band in the world says that they are “really excited about the new songs” and “they are the best thing we’ve ever written” so add us to the status quo because we are solipsismal in that way. You have to be after all. Why make music if you don’t think it’s worth listening to? One criticism that we’ve heard via some reviews, and via that random dude who thinks we are interested in his opinion, is that we are musical hoarders not willing to leave behind a single influence. Guilty as charged. At the same time we understand the value in disciplining ourselves and so I think most will find this thing refreshingly cohesive. To be frank, we’ve stripped Summer People of some of the bells and whistles and opted for something raw. ANYWAY………..

The drought will soon be over ladies and gents. We have a nice busy fall in store so let’s take a look at what lies ahead:

SHOWS= November 1st thru 3rd with Goldmines in Fredonia (BJs), Buffalo (TBA), and Rochester (The Bug Jar duh!). NOveMbeR 16th in Ithaca with 100% Black (some rad Film Festival*). November 17th in Binghamton with Cattle Drums, Underground River, and 100% Black. That show will be at Atomic Toms. December 5-8th will be a mini tour with Porches ending at Bubba’s mighty BIG DAY IN with some pretty spectacular bands TBA.

On the December tour we will be selling/giving away our latest split album with Porches. Two songs each for real cheap. Consider it an incentive to be stoked for our full length.

We will be filming a music video (that’s what the kids call em these days) at the end of September. The concept is hilarious therefore the video should make us look like complete Neanderthals. The amazing Heather Craig will be shooting it.

That should suffice for now right?

Great Talk.

* http://ithacafilmfestival.com/

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